The 2003 game XIII has gotten a remake and it’ll release in November. XIII is based on a novel series, and it features a first-person game. The two-decade-old game was developed through Unreal Engine 5 by Ubisoft.

XIII Remake

The announcement was made official by the developer PlayMagic. Moreover, a limited edition of the game will also be introduced that will feature a copy of the game, metal case, and three art cards. The Remake was first spotted on Amazon Spain, and people thought it was a leak. However, upon Developer’s confirmation, we are confident now.

XIII Remake has also gotten a trailer, and it looks epic.

XIII Overview on Amazon Spain

XIII is the remake of the cult first-person action game initially released in 2003. You play as “XIII,” a man with no identity, through a solo campaign with numerous plot twists. Inspired by the eponymous comic book, the game proposes a completely reinvented cel-shaded design. XIII will also offer the possibility of launching into brutal multiplayer confrontations.

The country is still in shock after the assassination of President Sheridan. You wake up, amnesiac and wounded, on a deserted beach on the east coast. The only clues about your identity are Roman numeral “XIII” tattooed near your collarbone and a bank deposit key. Although your memory escapes you, you discover that you have the reflexes of a perfectly trained professional fighter. You set out in search of your past, discovering that you have participated in the death of the President of the United States and revealing the most unheard-of conspiracy ever devised in the entire history of the country.

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