Developed and Published by Boehmia Interactive, Ylands exactly did not have the best of Beta. The game had many flaws but right that’s what beta is. However, the overall game seemed a poor mix of Minecraft.

Today we have news that Ylands is finally out of beta and its ready to play. The game previous price was $15, but Bohemia decided to make the game free. Hence, it’s free to play. Furthermore, Bohemia changed the Explore mode to a DLC. The Explore Mode challenged players to survive after they are dropped in islands, where pirates, bandits, and dangerous animals challenge you. This is similar to Minecraft’s survival mode. Explore mode is now a separate DLC costing $15.

Apart from this, Bohemia said that their support for Explore Mode won’t stop, furthermore, they are also focusing on what community players, who are playing the free version of the game are sharing. Players can share their projects through Yland workshop, similar to CSGO and other games. “Transaction” game logic available in the editor that enables players to purchase Coyns, the premium currency in Ylands. Creators will receive 70 percent of Coyns purchased in their games, “if that game runs in our protected environment on any Rented dedicated server or Automatic server.”

Despite Bohemia setting their game free to play, the Steam page for the game has changed to Mixed. Ylands fanbase is not happy with what game is offering and the criticism keeps increasing. Players reported saying that they paid $15 and now Bohemia made the game free. Others suggested that it is a replica of Minecraft with skins, the building is awful, bad controllers, and much more.

In my opinion, Bohemia old games are still out there getting attention, the likes of ARMA 3. Furthermore, this game is all about creativity and despite what people think, it’ll still flourish and settle. After all, Ylands is ” the definitive creativity toolbox, builds on the foundations laid down in Early Access and complements the core gameplay with many new features and additions to bring limitless fun and creativity to old and new players alike.”

Since its mini-game now, it is also available on Android, iOS mobile devices.