The legendary Halo title is being brought back to PC. In a report by 343 Industries, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary test will start next month.

Halo: Combat Evolved first test will be based completely on gameplay, collecting opinions and suggestions. 343 Industry primary focus for the first month will include validating dedicated servers, peer-to-peer connections, crossplay between the Steam & Windows version. Furthermore, a new UI for customization in H:CE is also included. Players will test the game in its beta mode, and they will be mostly given a very limited amount of features to work with. Previously, 343 Industries allow players to try out the Halo Reach, which was quite fun.

Furthermore, Halo Combat Evolved was previously played on PC, however, this is the first time that players will be able to play the 2011 Anniversary Edition. Additionally, people who tested Halo Reach previously, are already set up for the upcoming Test. However, those who are new, and they want to test it, have to signup for Halo Insider program.

“Like our last flight for Halo: Reach, we are flighting multiple areas of limited content to participants of the flighting program for H:CE. If you are interested in flighting Halo: Combat Evolved content on PC, please make sure your Halo Insider profile is up-to-date with a verified email, you are indeed opted in for us to contact you, you have opted in for PC flighting, and have your latest DXDIAG uploaded to your profile HERE.”

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