Here’s a helpful trick that can potentially nab you a fresh replacement pair of Apple AirPods if you suspect that they aren’t performing as well as when you bought them new. The only catch is that your AirPods still have to be under their one-year warranty in order for this to pay off. If the warranty timeline has passed, we are afraid you are out of luck.

Even if you think your AirPods sound as good as they did when you bought them, we’d suggest giving this test a shot, especially if your warranty is still valid. Plus, the test itself is easier to do than you might think. All you need is your pair of Airpods, a pair of wired Apple headphones that usually come bundled with iOS devices, and a device to play music from (such as your iPhone or iPad).

Here is how you can check if your airpods are working as fine as previously or not?

  1. Plug the wired Apple earphones into your iOS device (running this test on Android or other devices is possible, too, as long as the device has Bluetooth support, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and can play music)
  2. Open your music app of choice and cue up a song
  3. Turn the volume up to the level you normally listen to music at
  4. Press play and make note of the volume and clarity
  5. Next, disconnect your wired earphones and sync up your AirPods
  6. Play the music once again.

If there’s a notable difference in volume compared to the wired earphones, you should try getting the AirPods replaced. Some commenters in the original Reddit post point out that you may have to do a bit of convincing in order to get the replacements. Be sure to take all the above equipment with you to the Apple store in case you need to replicate the test results. If the Apple Store employee(s) seem to think your AirPods sound fine when compared to a pair of new AirPods, ask to hear the difference for yourself, and offer to show them the difference using the above method.

If you are 100% sure that your airpods are not working as they supposed to work once, when you bought them, head over to Apple customer Service and get yourself a new pair of Apple Airpods. Just visit this link for Apple Support.

Contact Apple Support Here

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